Foreclosure Diversion

Important Information

If you receive a complaint while in foreclosure, do no panic!  Many counties offer homeowners diversion or mediation programs, which give the homeowner extra time and assistance to make the necessary accommodations to save your home from foreclosure.  The Court of Common Pleas is in charge of the procedure, and because each county has their own procedures when dealing with the diversion and mediation process,  it is important to contact your local sheriff's department and court administrator to answer any questions you may have.  Below is some some insight and information pertaining to the process in Monroe, Pike and Carbon County.

The Diversion Program is designed for owner occupied housing in Monroe and Pike Counties. 

Monroe County

Below the cover letter on the 'Complaint in Foreclosure notice is the application for the Diversion Program.  The homeowner is required to sign the affidavit and submit the completed form to the Prothonotary's Office at the courthouse.  The court will review, approve, and assign a conciliation hearing date.  The homeowner must present the court and the lender a proposal for resolving the delinquency.  Counseling is available to assist you through the process, or you may seek the support of an attorney.  

Pike County 

The certification of homeownership and application for Diversion are included in the 'Complaint in Foreclosure'.  Filing the application will result in a 60 day additional stay and a hearing with the judge to ascertain whether the parties are actively attempting to change their situation.  If the defendant not get cooperation from the plaintiff, the defendant must file a request for additional court review. 

Carbon County 

Residents must petition the court for mediation to have a court supported dialogue with the lender.

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At Integra Home Counseling, we are here to help guide and assit you throughout the diversion process.  We can represent you in court and help file the necessary documentation.  Although you can hire an attorney, we find that our one on one counseling and guidance throughout the process works better in the clients favor.  

If you need help, assistance, or have any questions pertaining to foreclosure diversion, feel free to reach out or schedule an appointment.