Counseling Services provided

Foreclosure Diversion


This informative two hour class gives an in depth review and analysis on the Pennsylvania Judicial Foreclosure process. This session is not only educational, but is an important analytical tool to help assist you in strategic planning when your home is at risk for foreclosure.  



A class for homeowners who received, or are expected to receive an Act91, or who are in the HEMAP process.  This course will cover the necessities homeowners need to know and do in order to save their home.  Learn about ACT91, HEMAP loans, and the Diversion Program.

Home Buyer Counseling


This class reviews the decision making process and the steps behind buying a home in Pennsylvania.  Home purchases can be one of the largest investments a family will ever make.  Real estate laws differ in every state, so it is important to gain as much knowledge and learn how Pennsylvania differs in order to make an informed decision prior to purchasing.  We review and guide you through the home buying process both pre and post purchase.  Even if you have purchased a home before, there is always something new to learn throughout the home buying process.  

Budgeting, Stress Management, and Lifestyle Maintenance Class


A three session course that deals with the stress of making and living within your set budget.  Economic pressures, life passages, and other circumstances affect us differently.  Learn the skills and techniques to live the life you wish to live, not the life you feel stuck with.  

Homelessness Counseling


Are you homeless or at risk of becoming homeless?  You may be surprised to learn about the supportive services available in your area, as well as proactive steps you can take to prevent and transition from homelessness. 

Rental Counseling


Are you are looking for a short or long term alternative prior to purchasing a home?  Are you a young adult or college student looking for housing within your means?  Our rental counseling course starts by learning about your situation and circumstances.  Then we educate you on how to review and understand a lease,  and what to look out for prior to signing and agreeing to the terms.  We are here to help create and deliver a rental blueprint to ensure you are fully informed with the rental policies in your given area.