Don't let YOUR dream house become a nightmare!

Real estate laws vary by state.  
  • Investigate:
    Even if you're purchased before, review the current laws in property location. Use an impartial, knowledgeable resource. Verify the information.
  • Be a responsible investor; BE HONEST:
    Overestimating income or underestimating costs hurts you and your family. Getting a "good deal" is not the most important hting. Safe, affordable housing is really the bottom line for your family.
  • Real estate transactions must be in writing:
    Real estate laws are complicated. Are you willing to spend the time to read and know what you are signing? Get qualified, impartial representation to make sure your interests are being protected.
  • Credit scores affect financing:
    Financing your home doubles the cost of your home over time even when you have a good credit score. If you have a poor credit score, it is significantly more. Repair your credit before you buy.
  • Get prequalified for a loan:
    Prequalification will set parameters and establish a level of affordability. Stay within your budget. Live on that budget while you shopto test it. Plan for unforseen emergencies- that's life!
  • Buiding a home?
    That requires additional expertise. Call us for specific information to prevent problems later.
Beware of post purchase euphoria! 
  • This is the beginning of the big, long term commitment:
    A wedding or relationship commitment is only the beginning of a family. Lots of hard work follows to build a solid relationship. Buying a house is only the beginning of building a home. Don’t expect everything at once! Work together; achieve your goals over time. It will mean more and you will stay healthier financially.
  • Unexpected expenses are to be expected:
    There will be many unforeseen expenses. Some will be pleasant. Review your budget and adjust where necessary. Get professional help to give you an unbiased review and suggestions for improvements or solutions.
  • Keep good records:
    Find out what information you will need for tax purposes and maintain those spending records in an organized manner.
  • Remember your budget:
    This is the time to review your planning budget to make sure it is accurate. Avoiding a problem will only make it larger later. If you are not able to balance it with the new expenses,
    seek professional guidance for ways to get on track. The faster you get help the less help you'll need.
  • Ackowledge your progress every day!
    Buying and being a successful homeowner is a big accomplishment. Celebrate every day!

Respond with ability! 
  • You are not alone!For every crisis, there have been people who have successfully resolved it. Finding a solution works best when you seek help early and do not remain isolated. Isolation is the dream killer.
  • A crisis is not a judgement of you. It's an opportunity to display or grow your ability:
    Everyone experiences "crises" in their lives. Some have developed problem solving skills. Even experienced problem solvers need to learn new skills. You have learned many more complicated things in your life. You can learn what you need to resolve this, too. Having a crisis does not make you a bad person. Be willing to learn something new.
  • Get qualified help quickly:
    There are many types of help and helpful resources. Some will tell you what you want to hear. Others will tell you what you need to hear. Be brave enough to get the quality of help that you need. Most anything can be resolved. Be wise enough to reach out and develop the best solution for you.
  • Count your blessings:
    Even in a crisis there are many things that are still working well. Acknowledge them and the crisis will be more manageable.
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