Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program

This is the first step in the Pennsylvania Judicial Foreclosure process. The program is designed to help people who are 60 days or more delinquent in their mortgage. Clients receive counseling and apply for a loan to catch up with their payments. It requires a counseling appointment at a counseling agency within the PHFA network within 30 days from the date of the Act 91 notice. The homeowner must present the required documentation.

The Eligibility Requirements are:

  1. Have an “Act 91 Notice” from their lender, which advises them of their delinquent status and a the help that may be available.
  2. Be a Pennsylvania resident that owns and occupies the mortgaged property in foreclosure.
  3. Be at least 60 days delinquent in their mortgage payments.
  4. Be suffering financial hardship through no fault of their own.
  5. Demonstrate a reasonable prospect of being able to resume normal mortgage payments after the HEMAP funding ends.

Required Documentation:

  1. Letter of Circumstances: Please print or type and sign a detailed letter explaining the reasons for your current mortgage delinquency. Be as specific as possible since this letter is very important in determining your eligibility for loan assistance.
  2. Evidence or DOCUMENTED Proof of expense-related circumstances: This includes paid bills, legal counsel statements, copies of cash receipts and/or cancelled checks for expenses that contributed to the mortgage delinquency.
  3. ACT91 Notice or any other Notices of Foreclosure (Complaint, Sheriff's Sale Notice)
  4. Pay Stubs: Three most consecutive pay stubs for all working household  members.
  5. Verification of Other Income: These include unemployment compensation, worker's compensation, child support, alimony, public assistance, social security, rent, pensions, etc.
  6. Employment History: Names, addresses, position/title and dates worked of all employers where you have worked for during the past five years.
  7. Federal Income Tax Returns: Has to be for past 3 years. If needed, transcripts can be obtained by calling the IRS at 1 (800) 829-1040 and ask for Form 4506 or click here to print one, then follow the instructions on mailing.
  8. Recorded Property Deed: This can be obtained from your County Courthouse.
  9. Monthly Statements: Of all loans and charge accounts (account numbers & balances).
  10. Proof of Real Estate Taxes: (if not escrowed by mortgage). Copies of tax bills can be obtained from your county and township government offices.
  11. Homeowner's Insurance Policy: This can be obtained from Insurance Agent.
  12. Checking & Savings Account Statements: This is to verify current balances.
  13. Verifications of any/all of the following: stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, IRA's, 401-K's, cash value of insurance policies, etc.
  14. Utility Bills: Copies of 3 summer and 3 winter bills of all utilities. Contact utility companies, if necessary.
  15. Social Security Numbers: For all applicants and mortgagors.
  16. Mortgage Year End Statement and Mortgage Payment Book.
  17. Driver's Licenses or Other Valid Photo's IDs

Benefits of HEMAP:

  1. Applying for HEMAP provides an automatic stay in the foreclosure process for 60 days.
  2. The application provides input from an objective third party who is experienced in analyzing such situations. The counselor provides information, guidance, and suggestions so the homeowner can make an informed decision about the course of action to resolve the situation.
  3. HEMAP may provide for a possible loan to catch-up on the mortgage. It is a loan, but it has low repayment terms. It can be as low as $25.00 per month depending on the circumstances. For more information go to the PFHA official website.

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