About us

Integra Home Counseling was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 2010. The agency was founded by Linda Gerkensmeyer, a certified housing counselor. With over 20 years of experience teaching and counseling individuals and small businesses, she brings new skills to the traditional housing counseling experience.  Her belief that knowledge is power guides her as she shares valuable information with clients. The many clients she has worked with attest to her skill and level of resources.

She founded Integra because she believes that the unique demographics of the Poconos and the long history of real estate related issues mandate a housing counseling service dedicated to Monroe and the contiguous counties.  

She's assembled a knowledgeable, caring team to work with the variety of people and needs in our area. Their approach is respectful and straightforward. Sharing knowledge is a two way street and Integra and its staff are there to guide, inform, and support people making good decisions for themselves and their families.

Integra is an IRS designated nonprofit (501c3) - donations gratefully accepted.

     "Our unique demographics and long history of real estate related issues mandate 
             a housing counseling serice dedicated to Monroe County and the contiguous 
            counties. If we want a stable, financially healthy community, we must educate 
            current owners and potential buyers to be savvy homeowners."

Integra Home Counseling proudly adopts
National Industry Standards for Homeownership Counseling.

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